Meet The Prospector Pups

Welcome to our blog! The Prospector Pups include a spunky Jack Russell Terrier, named Hope & an energetic, happy Australian Shepherd, named Chappie.

About Kandace: The Prospector Pups Hooman

P.C. Kerri Irwin of Dusty Desert Dogs

I am an adventure seeking, dog loving, mother of two beautiful girls. My passions in life are: my furry friends, photography, hiking/camping, travel and veterinary medicine. I work part time at Alta Mesa Animal Hospital & get out on the trails whenever I have a free moment. My kids even join me on some of our adventures.

Hope – A spunky 8 year old Jack Russell Terrier, my heart dog & shadow. I have had Hope since the day she was born on my bed. She is indeed my best friend and I go on 95% of my adventures with her. She enjoys going on long hikes by the river in the company of her one true love…her tennis ball.


Chappie – A crazy, Red Merle, Australian Shepherd and the newest member of our crew. He loves to get out on the trail, has an insane head tilt (that he gives upon request!) and loves to please his hoomans. He is currently learning proper trail etiquette from his big sister, Hope and we can’t wait to make many memories with this happy boy.




Chappie & Hope currently represent the following companies:

Chewy.Com – Influencers

Colab.Print, Dog Is Good – Ambassadors

Hurtta – Product Testers