It’s A Bird! It’s A Plane! No, It’s the Hurtta Outdoor Trainer!

It’s summertime! For most of us, that means more trips to the pool, lake, river or beach with our pups. And let’s face it, finding a durable toy that floats & keeps our pups entertained while training is not always easy. The Hurtta Outdoor Trainer does all of the above & we are happy to say that it is Chappie’s new favorite water toy. Here’s why:

  • Sturdy rope handle for fetching OR launching the toy further than any toy has gone before
  • Strong, partially elastic, ball at the end of the rope helped Chappie to get a good grip & satisfy his ball obsession
  • IT FLOATS! Perfect for water play.
  • Made from non-toxic materials that are BPA, BPF & BPS-free
  • I love it as a pet owner because it is light enough for my 3-year old to throw, but heavy enough that it gives a high energy pup, like Chappie, a work out. Also, the ball/rope combo is great because it kept Chappie interested as he loved both kinds of toys
I don’t think the Outdoor Trainer left Chappie’s mouth/side the entire time at the river!

On this particular day of testing, we went to the Salt River, just outside of Mesa, Arizona. We found a little cove that we were able to have all to ourselves & Chappie got to play fetch for quite some time. I gave the Outdoor Trainer a few test throws at into shallow water just in case. After seeing that it did indeed float, I was ready to test out the deeper, slow moving, waters. The Outdoor Trainer successfully floated in those waters, Chappie was able to find it easily & bring it back to me.

Easy to find in the water, Easy to latch onto!

Another thing I love about the Outdoor Trainer is that it is easy to clean. When Chappie wasn’t retrieving his precious from the water, the was shaking it & dragging it around in the sand. We all know sand is a bugger to get rid of. Just when you think you have all of it washed off, more sand appears out of nowhere. Below is a hint into the life of Chappie’s Outdoor Trainer that day so you can see how nasty it did get! After a quick rinse in the river, it was like brand new, & ready for Chappie to dirty it all up again!

Look at that mud/sand fly! If this doesn’t show how durable the Outdoor Trainer is…I don’t know what will!
I’ve never seen a toy get so abused!

We would highly recommend the Hurtta Outdoor Trainer to anyone looking to have a great time with their pup(s). Whether it be used as a motivator while training, a toy to retrieve out of the water, or just a fun tug of war toy at home, the Outdoor Trainer is perfect for all of the above & more. I did let Hope play with the product as well, but with her small stature, she had a harder time carrying the huge ball in her mouth. Not to say she didn’t enjoy the Outdoor Trainer (because she did!) but it is probably more ideal for medium to large breed dogs. Poor Hope’s mouth just wasn’t big enough for the ball she so desired to play with all day!

You can find out more information about the Outdoor Trainer HERE.

Get out there & enjoy summer friends!


Hurtta is located in Kuopio, Finland & has over 20 years in the making of functional gear for dogs of all sizes. Hurtta keeps your pup covered from head to toe by offering gear such as the Summit Parka to keep Fido warm & Outback Boots to keep tender toes & pads safe in difficult conditions. They make quality & functionality their top priorities for our furry family members. Hurtta even makes gear for us as dog owners so we can train our pups successfully. After all, their training gear was developed with help from the athletes of Agility Team Finland! Hurtta has seen their gear make its way to over 30 countries, including the United States.


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