You Won’t Go Wrong with GoRumpl

What the heck is a Rumpl, you may ask. Think “sleeping bag blanket”. These lightweight, but super warm blankets are made out of the same stuff that sleeping bags are made out of & take up a fraction of the space. We were sent the Jr. Puffy Blanket to review & boy were my kids (two & four legged!) impressed.

Key Features of the Jr. Puffy Blanket

  • 20D Ripstop Nylon with DWR with 3D Hollow Fiber Synthetic Insulation
  • SUPER lightweight at 0.7 lbs
  • Stuff Sack included
  • Comes in 6 beautiful colors (We got the Deepwater model)
  • Resists water, dirt, pet hair & other debris.
  • $65 USD

The Jr. Puffy only measures a mere 30″x40″ so it is perfect for my kids & dogs. The larger Puffy blankets come in Throw, One & Two person sizes & weigh 4.8lbs at their largest. Rumpl also offers down-filled blankets that come in One & Two person sizes, weigh 2.1 lbs at their largest & are good for temps down to 40 degrees fahrenheit. Rumpl also offers pillow shams, beer coozies, & themed blankets.

First time using the Jr. Puffy Blanket at Horseshoe Lake in the White Mountains of Arizona. It was super cold/windy that day & eventually snowed but the Rumpl helped keep Maddy & Jet warm & dry.

The first time we took the Rumpl out was a trip to Horseshoe Lake in the White Mountains of Arizona. The first day on the lake was a cold one with wind, rain & eventually snow. Yes, snow in Arizona, IN APRIL! Maddy was covered pretty well wih jackets & layers of clothing but Jet, my moms Queensland Heeler/Jack Russell mix, was still shivering in her jacket. Jet stopped shivering shortly after being covered by the blanket & did not attempt to get out from underneath it! The second day of the trip, the sun was out but it was still windy and chilly. Megan, my youngest daughter, shared the Rumpl with Hope & it acted as a wind breaker as well as a good source of warmth. Not to mention, it was super easy to brush off on both days & put away clean.

Can you see the snow on the mountains? Not much, I know, but if it was cold enough to snow, you know it was below freezing! Megan loved cuddling up with Hope in the Rumpl to stay warm.

The second chance we got to use the Rumpl was on our week long road trip at the beginning of June. We traveled across four different states & many different landscapes. Our first over night camp spot was in Nebraska at the beautiful Lake Minatare. The mornings were especially cold & you could find Hope cuddled up in the Rumpl, at any given time, snug as a bug. When we got to Colorado, where we camped for 4 days, the weather was entirely different. Cold at night, cold in the mornings, warm mid-day, thunderstorms in the afternoon. Since Megan had her sleeping bag, jackets & rain gear, we let Hope commandeer the Rumpl blanket & even with it getting caught in the rain & the dirt, when it came time to get in the tent at night, a simple shake had the blanket clean & ready to use again.

Enjoying an afternoon in the hammock on the shore of Lake Minatare.
Hope may have been too pooped to “party” with us but she was cozier than we were!

Safe to say the Jr Puffy blanket by Rumpl was a hit with our family. Hope has always been one to get in and out of the covers repeatedly but that was not the case with this blanket. Once she was under it, she stayed put & 9 times out of 10 she fell asleep because she was so cozy. Megan loved having it around her at the lake or by the campfire & it wrapped around her perfectly. We loved the fact that it was so easy to clean & easy to bring with us anywhere. We are so thankful we were given this Jr. Puffy Blanket in exchange for this honest review & can say the customer service at Rumpl is fast & friendly! Whether you have dogs, kids, or would like one for yourself, you can check out the entire line up of Rumpl products by visiting their website HERE. Make sure to check out their latest product release…The Original Puffy Poncho!

Happy Trails Friends!

The Jr. Puffy Blanket made for a comfy spot to lay in this fort we found!

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  1. jholi01 says:

    I didn’t even realize this size of blanket was an option. We have the throw and we love it.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yep! I was so excited when they sent me one Megan’s size. She totes it around everywhere haha. I would love to get the throw as well…I’m kinda jealous my daughter has one & I dont haha


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