Keep Moving With The Hurtta Action Belt

What is the most frustrating thing you have encountered when taking your pup for a walk? For us, it was always not having enough hands to carry our gear & effectively restrain the pups! Thanks to the Hurtta Action Belt, you can now have your hands free to walk Fido & still bring the much needed supplies on a walk around the park, your neighborhood or a quick jaunt on the trail!

The Action Belt is easily adjustable & comfortable to wear!

To be honest, I did not get to use the belt as much as I wanted to, because we take more hikes than walks & I always need my big Gregory Jade 38 to carry all our gear. However, when I did use it, it was extremely helpful. Here are some key features of the Action Belt:

  • Two zipper pockets for things like keys, lip balm, poop bags or your phone
  • 3M Reflective Prints
  • A pocket for a water bottle up to .75 liters
  • A pouch with a velcro lid that can be used to store treats! I fit a whole bag of Zukes treats in our Belt with room for more!
  • Storage Spout for your pups poo bags for easy accessibility
  • Strong carabiner on the front of the belt (I used ours to hold our Hurtta Fountain Bowl)
  • Actual belt measures 28-57″ so fits a wide range of users
You can see here where I have the Fountain Bowl attached to the Action Belt by the Carabiner

The Action Belt is very lightweight, yet durable. I also found it easy to clean off too after a fun morning at the beaches of Lake Minatare. I would definitely recommend this product to those who walk their dogs (on short trails or in their own neighborhood), for training purposes (due to the easy accessibility to treats, clicker etc.) or even if you run/bike with your pups!

You can find more information about the Action Belt by clicking HERE

I can hold my things, & throw a stick while teaching Chappie to dock dive, thanks to the Action Belt!


Hurtta is located in Kuopio, Finland & has over 20 years in the making of functional gear for dogs of all sizes. Hurtta keeps your pup covered from head to toe by offering gear such as the Summit Parka to keep Fido warm & Outback Boots to keep tender toes & pads safe in difficult conditions. They make quality & functionality their top priorities for our furry family members. Hurtta even makes gear for us as dog owners so we can train our pups successfully. After all, their training gear was developed with help from the athletes of Agility Team Finland! Hurtta has seen their gear make its way to over 30 countries, including the United States.


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  1. I could desperately use one those 😍🐾


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