Walk Your Dog In Comfort With The Hurtta Padded Harness & Soft Grip Leashes

If you’re like most pet parents, you enjoy walking your dog(s). Having comfortable gear for both you & your pet would make you enjoy those walks that much more. I had seen the Padded Harness by Hurtta before, but I was always unsure about it because there was not much to it. After putting it to use for the last few months, I not only came to love it, but my dogs did as well. Not to mention, the Soft Grip leashes were a nice change from typical leads that are hard on human hands.

Let’s start with Chappie:

  • Harness Size: 70 CM
  • Color: Bolete
  • Leash: Soft Grip Reflective Leash in Bolete



Then there’s Hope:

  • Harness Size: 55CM
  • Color: Juniper
  • Leash: Soft Grip Stretch Leash in Juniper
Asking Hope how she plans to get down. PC: Dusty Desert Dogs

The Padded Harness is perfect for a stroll to the park or out on the trail. It is padded with a well known material, Neoprene (the same stuff wet suits are made out of!), which dries quickly when wet, is very soft to the touch, & won’t rub on your pet when they are in motion. The design that we were unsure of before testing, actually became our favorite thing about this harness, which is how simple it is. Putting the harness on is a simple two step process: Guide your dogs head through the chest & handle pieces, Snap the buckle of the adjustable chest strap. Done! There is also a handle on the back of the harness which makes it easy for you to grab your pup when needed. The 3M reflectors are bright in any type of light & add extra safety for your furry family member while out and about.

Easy to swim in & quick to dry. (Even when the dogs are not so quick to dry themselves!) You can also see the reflect-ability of the 3M strips lining the harness.

We only had one thumbs down moment with the Padded Harness. We do a lot of hiking on rugged terrain that requires us to hoist the dogs over obstacles. When faced with this challenge, the Padded Harness does not assist in making hoisting successful. As a matter of fact, it actually started to slip over Hope’s head. Seemed to us that the easy on feature has a downside; it’s easy off as well. We quickly learned that if we were going to be out on more difficult trails, this was not the harness to use. I would say the Padded Harness is more for simple walks & hikes with no hoisting involved.

Even with that one downfall, the Padded Harness ended up being my go to product, especially for Hope. She was able to swim, run & play in it effortlessly thanks to its lightweight, ergonomic design. Chappie is an impatient pup, so the fact that it is easy to get on is perfect for him (and Me!). Less gear prep time, more time for play! With dogs that are always rearing to go, the fact that this harness prevents load on the dog’s neck and spine when pulling is great as well.


Neoprene handles make walking your pup comfortable!

We received two different leashes: the Soft Grip Reflective Leash & the Soft Grip Stretch Leash. The only difference that we spotted between the two was the section of leash near the trigger hook on the Stretch Leash is elastic. The elastic provides a buffer when your dog pulls forward. Both leashes are made out of Nylon, both with 3M reflectors lining majority of the length of the leash for visibility after the sun goes down. Each leash comes in several different colors & each have 2 different width sizes to choose from with six feet being the standard, fixed length. I enjoyed using both of these leashes equally as they were comfortable & had a durable design when used correctly. I say this because Chappie had a little incident with his when we were on a trip to the snow.

You can see here the black, elastic portion of the Soft Grip Stretch Leash

My mom, my two kids, our dogs & I had taken a drive up to the Mogollon Rim to see the snow. I absolutely had my hands full juggling kids, dogs & gear so I thought the best thing to do was tie Chappie up to a tree while I got things situated. That’s where I was wrong. I should have known that tying an impatient puppy with a thin, nylon leash would prove disastrous. Within thirty seconds of looping Chappie around the tree, he had the leash chewed in half & was free! I of course grabbed him & the leash in devastation then had to think about what to do next. I ended up tying the two pieces of leash together & it held perfectly. One thing I will say, Hurtta’s leashes are still strong when it comes to restraining your dog, even after they have been chewed apart & tied back together. Just don’t do what I did & tie your young, chewer of a dog to a tree with one or you will be replacing your leash!

If you look closely here, you can see where I tied Chappies leash together. But it still works for our walks in the Arboretum!

After several months of testing, we can honestly say we love the Padded Harness & Soft Grip leashes. We are also truly thankful for the opportunity Hurtta has given us to test these products. If we hadn’t, we would have kept the same opinion about them that we had before we got them which was not good!  They are simple, easy to use, yet functional. You might not want to use them on an adventure that requires a ton of hoisting over big obstacles, as they are not very useful with that. However, they are perfect for walks to the park, strolls on the beach, or on a simple trail through the desert or woods. The neoprene fabric that lines the harness & handles of the leashes is soft, quick to dry & will not rub on your pup or yourself. If comfort, functionality, & simplicity are all qualities you look for when shopping for dog gear, Hurtta has it! You can find this gear & so much more by visiting Hurtta’s website when you click HERE.

Swimming is a breeze in the Padded Harness & I can easily grab the Pups by the harness’ handle to guide them toward me when they get out of the water.



Hurtta is located in Kuopio, Finland & has over 20 years in the making of functional gear for dogs of all sizes. Hurtta keeps your pup covered from head to toe by offering gear such as the Summit Parka to keep Fido warm & Outback Boots to keep tender toes & pads safe in difficult conditions. They make quality & functionality their top priorities for our furry family members. Hurtta even makes gear for us as dog owners so we can train our pups successfully. After all, their training gear was developed with help from the athletes of Agility Team Finland! Hurtta has seen their gear make its way to over 30 countries, including the United States.

Hurtta says “there should always be a little bit of daylight around the neckline to allow your dog to move freely” I think we accomplished that in this photo!








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