Reviewing Hurtta’s Summit Parka

First of all, what exactly is a “parka” & how does it differ from a normal jacket. One word comes to mind…Warmth. The Summit Parka by Hurtta is designed to regulate your dogs temperature in cold weather. This coat was sent to us alongside Hope’s Extreme Warmer as part of our product package & we couldn’t be more excited for Chappie to try it out. He may be a little fluffier than Hope, but that doesn’t mean he doesn’t get cold after a long period of time.

All geared up and ready to play! Chappie in the Summit Parka & Hope in the Extreme Warmer

As you well know from my review of the Extreme Warmer, I had taken the dogs & my kids up to the Mogollon Rim after what could possibly have been their last snow of the season. Chappie is an impatient pup who darn near has an anxiety attack when everyone else is getting out of the truck & he is told to wait. He did not have to wait as long this time thanks to how quick & easy it was to put on Hope’s Extreme Warmer & then his Summit Parka. He basically walked right into it & even though he is still a super wiggly puppy, it was very simple to pull the straps up over his back, adjust & buckle them. After adjusting the length (by the same bungee system that the Extreme Warmer is equipped with) & stepping him into the leg straps he was good to go! We did not need to make adjustments to the collar area.

Even with all that slushy snow, Chappie’s body stayed warm & dry! The Summit Parka is a renewed version of the Winter jacket that Jet (far left) is wearing.

Once we were ready to walk, I simply attached his Soft Grip Reflective Leash to his Padded Harness through the re-closable opening in the back of the parka (this feature is available in the 30cm-90cm & sizes below that have an integrated harness system). Chappie is 8 months old, so still very much a puppy. I had him on leash majority of the day because there was a large family that decided to play in the snow only a few feet away from where we were at & I did not want him running off. However, when he was off leash he was playing his heart out. The Parka kept him nice and warm by protecting his key muscle groups as well as the chest and abdomen where his hair is thinner. Hurtta’s Houndtex coating makes the jacket waterproof but breathable as well & I did not have to worry about a muddy mutt when it came time to leave. The 3M Reflectors located on the Parka are perfect for high visibility of your pup.

The Summit Parka is highly functional and efficient. Chappie was able to run his little legs off with no problem, even in parts of the snow that were still deep. After running through the areas of the woods that the snow had melted, I thought Chappie would be covered in mud. To my surprise, he was completely dry and mud free aside from his legs (which were uncovered) when we got back to the truck and ready to go. That Houndtex stuff is no joke! His body was also very warm when I took the jacket off, telling me it was doing its job!

Look at that Stretch! No doubt that Chappie’s mobility was still at 100% while wearing the Parka!

So, let’s recap on some of the awesome key points of the Summit Parka:

  • Waterproof & Breathable thanks to Hurtta’s patented, Houndtex Coating
  • 3M reflectors for high visibility
  • Bungee system to adjust coat length & collar width.
  • Adjustable belt that clips together easily over your dogs back
  • Protects key muscle groups as well as the chest & abdomen
  • Great for dogs to wear to warm up muscles before/after training
  • Leg straps help keep the Parka from moving around (recloseable attachment loops for back legs in 65-90cm sizes)
  • Reclosable opening in the back of the jacket to easily attach a leash to the harness (integrated harness system in 2025cm sizes)
  • Highly functional & efficient
  • Machine Washable!

We would definitely recommend the Summit Parka for anyone looking for a sensible jacket to keep their pups dry & warm during snow, rain & chilly weather. Chappie was able to play effortlessly & when it came time for me to get him on leash, I was able to do so in a snap while keeping the Parka in place. It also comes in three neat colors: Raven, Cherry & Mud. It is designed to work with the heat transferring capacity of dogs with shorter hair & dogs with no undercoat, preventing them from turning into pup-sicles in not so friendly weather & it definitely did just that! You can check out the Summit Parka & more Hurtta gear by going to Hurtta’s website HERE.

HIGH FIVES for the Hurtta Summit Parka!


Hurtta is located in Kuopio, Finland & has over 20 years in the making of functional gear for dogs of all sizes. Hurtta keeps your pup covered from head to toe by offering gear such as the Summit Parka to keep Fido warm & Outback Boots to keep tender toes & pads safe in difficult conditions. They make quality & functionality their top priorities for our furry family members. Hurtta even makes gear for us as dog owners so we can train our pups successfully. After all, their training gear was developed with help from the athletes of Agility Team Finland! Hurtta has seen their gear make its way to over 30 countries, including the United States.

Check them out on Instagram by following the link HERE

Or on Facebook by clicking the link HERE


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