Winter Wear At Its Finest: The Hurtta Extreme Warmer

First and foremost, we want to thank Hurtta from the bottom of our hearts for giving us the chance to be one of their product testers for 2017. With so many fabulous dog blogs & social media accounts we were more than thrilled to hear they picked us. For those of you that are unfamiliar with Hurtta, let’s start out with a quick history of this amazing company.

Hurtta is located in Kuopio, Finland & has over 20 years in the making of functional gear for dogs of all sizes. Hurtta keeps your pup covered from head to toe by offering gear such as the Extreme Warmer (that features a hood to keep Fido’s ears protected) & Outback Boots to keep tender toes & pads safe in difficult conditions. They make quality & functionality their top priorities for our furry family members. Hurtta even makes gear for us as dog owners so we can train our pups successfully. After all, their training gear was developed with help from the athletes of Agility Team Finland! Hurtta has seen their gear make its way to over 30 countries, including the United States, & it’s clear to see why.

When we received our package from Hurtta we knew exactly what we needed to review first: the winter gear! With temps already on the rise here in Arizona, any remaining snow was melting fast. Thankfully, mother nature graced the Mogollon Rim with one more snow storm & we made sure to get up the mountain before it melted too. I was more than thrilled to receive the Extreme Warmer for testing in Hope’s size (30cm or 12in) because her tiny little frame, that is covered with a thin coat of fur, is so quick to get cold. Needless to say, she stayed warm, dry & happy on this snow day, all thanks to Hurtta.

Make no mistake, Hope was not cold here! She was pointing at her ball, wanting to play! The tricot hood is shown here covering her neck & ears.

The design of the Extreme Warmer is second to none. Active dogs will have no problem playing in this jacket as it was designed with them in mind. It is also perfect for those dogs that are going to be exposed to tough conditions for long periods of time. The inside of the jacket is lined with a reflective foil that reflects the dogs body heat, helping this coat to become (& stay) extra warm! The dogs key muscle groups were taken into account when creating this coat. Heat increases blood flow to the muscles, reducing muscle tension, & the chance of your pup hurting themselves, not to mention keeping them warmer. It has a tricot hood that protects & warms the dogs neck, & can be extended to cover the ears as well! It’s well known that heat rises, so with the ears & neck protected, heat can’t escape from inside the jacket!

Playing fetch with ease! This was a very important thing to Hope!

The outer material of the Extreme Warmer (Hurtta’s own patented “Houndtex” protective layer) is waterproof, but it is also very soft & breathes well. There are 3M reflectors lining the back of the coat as well as an area near your pups chest & right hip area so if you want to go out & play after dark, it is a little safer! Did we mention the length of this coat can be adjusted? That’s right! There is a bungee – draw string system towards the rear of the coat that you can adjust to fit your dog just right. There is also the same bungee system near the neck so you can make adjustments there if needed. The stretchy leg straps, that your dog will step through with ease, help keep the coat in place as well as the cute little snap that goes under the tail. Make sure to keep an eye out for your dogs cues to use the bathroom so you can unsnap the button & prevent messes! We also liked the fact that there is a small opening in the back of the coat for you to access your dogs harness & attaching & detaching Hope’s leash proved to be very simple.

Digging for her ball, showing off the Warmer’s leg straps & under the tail snap that helps keep the jacket in place.
You can clearly see the bungee system above Hope’s tail that helps adjust the coats length

By the end of the day, the snow had started to really turn to slush. I was concerned we would have a mess on our hands with all the snow melt & patches of mud that had formed. However, the Extreme Warmer was very easy to clean off before we got into the truck & no mess was made! Once the Warmer was taken off, it revealed a clean, dry & warm Hope! It was so refreshing to have a stress-free, clean transition from play to driving away. Especially when I have two kids to tend to as well!

The Extreme Warmer should be in everyone’s coat closets come winter. We had the Winter Jacket from Hurtta before this &, where it kept Hope warm in the lower-elevations, we feel the Extreme Warmer was more appropriate for her when dealing with snow & snow yielding temperatures. It was so great to see my girl out in the snow enjoying herself as much as I was enjoying watching her that day.

Happy Girl! You can see here her chest & abdomen are covered by her jacket!


If you would like to know more about Hurtta & the Extreme Warmer, you can visit their website by following the link HERE. The Extreme Warmer comes in the neutral color, Graphite, which is great for male & female dogs alike. You can also visit Hurtta on their social networking sites. They frequently do contests to not only win their gear, but a chance at testing one of their products as well.

Click Here For Hurtta On Facebook

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  1. jholi01 says:

    Congratulations on being one of their product testers! We absolutely love their gear.


    1. Thank you so much! We were Ruffwear users before but this opportunity has converted us to Hurtta for sure! Glad you love their gear!


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