Cat Litter That Can!

How many cat owners are frustrated with dusty, low quality cat litter? More importantly, how many of our CATS are frustrated with these types of litters? We were fortunate enough to be able to throw away our old name brand litter & check out Frisco’s Multi-Cat Clumping Litter this month as influencers!

Can I start off by saying how difficult of a review this was to conduct? Bruce is a very private cat. He is also a very timid cat at times. His litter box is hidden in between our dryer & the wall in the laundry room & that is where he feels comfortable. So to get photos of him not only using the litter box, but using the litter box outside his comfort zone, was interesting to say the least.

Scoping out the scene!

All that aside, we found that the Frisco cat litter was great. Bruce was instantly attracted to the new product in his potty box & after a cautious approach, he jumped right in. We loved the fact that, as we were pouring the litter, there was little dust present. I’m sure Bruce enjoyed feeling like he was outside doing his business in the kids’ sandbox, as this litter is just like that playground sediment! As far as clumping goes, the all natural clay helps form solid clumps that are easy to scoop and remove. I’m sure all of us can agree that odor control is a huge issue too. Well, Frisco Litter removes odors without any fancy dyes or perfumes. It’s amazing! You can’t polish poo, so trying to mask it with artificial scents just makes it smell like a turd with a flower on top!

Little dust when pouring into Bruce’s potty box.

It’s safe to say, Frisco Multi-Cat Clumping Litter is at the top of our litter list. It’s hypoallergenic, it has no plant protein, dyes, perfumes or fragrances, little dust, odor neutralizing & it is “low tracking” so Bruce doesn’t take his sand to go! Right now, Chewy.Com has a fabulous deal on this 40 pound bag: $5.99 for your first bag! See Details on Chewy’s website by following the link HERE. It’s so nice to have a litter box that doesn’t smell quite like a litter box anymore!

He’s about to make a deposit!
Solid Clumping! No waste at the bottom of the box!



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