Crazy Dogs Want Walkies Fit Bites

Last week we went on a family walk through our local arboretum. Us humans had our snacks, but what about the dogs? We decided to bring along Walkies Fit Bites by Crazy Dog. These cute little foot shaped treats were one of our products to review for the month of January as part of our job as influencers. As you can see, Bubba really enjoyed them.

Check out the drool!

The Walkies were a huge hit! Taurine for heart health, Chicken Cartilage for Glucosamine & Chondroitin & L-Carnitine to control weight meant a healthy treat for the pups & they only get the best! This is just one of many treats you can get at for your canine companion. Check out Bubba’s sweet foamy jowls as he is munching on these noms!

Walkies Fit Bites are available in three flavors: Bacon, Beef & Chicken. We were sent the Chicken flavor & you can purchase them by following the link HERE

Thank you again, Chewy, for providing excellent products for pets at amazing prices!



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