Tower of Tracks, Tons of Fun!

Some of you might not know it, but the Prospector Pups also have a feline brother. Last month, we decided to let him in on the fun of our monthly product review. Bruce, a 2 year old, black & white, tuxedo cat came to live with us last February & we soon discovered his love for toys. When I saw this was an item to pick from the list, I had to grab it for him! I sat it on one of his towers on his cat tree & right away he started putting it to use!


The Tower of Tracks, by Petstages, is a simple toy that excites your cat and his/her desire to play. Bruce actually got so worked up playing with this product, that he knocked it off the cat tree and onto the floor! He then flew off his cat tree, onto the couch then bolted across the living room with a case of the zoomies! As soon as he saw I sat the tower back up on his cat tree, he hastily made his way back over to it & began to play again. Best thing about this toy is the fact that it has non-skid pads on the bottom of it to prevent it from moving around while your feline companion is playing with it. Unless they get carried away like Bruce did of course! Even better than that is this product is under $10!


You can find the Tower of Tracks by visiting HERE

Happy New Year Friends!


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