Mix ‘N Mores:Tasty Food Topper Or Treat!

Last night at dinnertime, Hope was able to enjoy a tasty treat that turned her everyday, same old, boring kibble into a meal she really enjoyed! Mix ‘N Mores, a freeze dried nutrition boost created by Halo, is a healthy, hearty addition to your pups wet or dry kibble & will provide them with more digestible proteins and nutrients than just their food alone.

As You Can See, Hope Is Anxious To Try These!

From the minute I opened the bag, Hope was on my heels! She could smell the beefy deliciousness from across the room. She loved the taste, I loved the fact that these noms are:

  • Grain Free, which means more BEEF, POULTRY or FISH
  • Whole Beef, Chicken or Fish are the FIRST ingredient, no “meals”.
  • NO artificial ingredients!
  • Freeze Dried, NOT dehydrated. Your pet gets the MOST of those needed nutrients
  • Easy to digest!
  • Three tasty flavors to choose from: Beef (what we tested), Chicken & Salmon/Turkey
  • They come in two sizes: 6oz & 14oz bags
Bite Sized! Even The Smallest Of Dogs Can Enjoy These!

I also really like the fact that I can use these as a treat. Chappie, the youngest pup in our family, is in training right now and I love finding treats that prove of great value to him. Treats  that he will work for. He truly loves Mix ‘N Mores and will do just about anything I ask of him to get them. He knows at the end of his longest “sit – stay” he will be getting a jackpot of these goodies and, to him, it is SO worth the wait.

Can’t Talk Now. Eating!

We would recommend this product to anyone! They even come in a formula for cats so your feline companion doesn’t have to miss out on the deliciousness. Christmas is right around the corner and I just know your pets would LOVE to find these in their stocking. You can check out the Beef Flavored Mix ‘N Mores by Halo and all the other formulas they offer by visiting Chewy.Com or clicking HERE to take you directly to the one we reviewed. Thanks again Chewy for providing excellent pet products to your customers at affordable prices!


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