A Thanksgiving Meal Your Pup Can Enjoy

First & foremost, we want to wish all of our readers & friends a very Happy Thanksgiving today! We hope that all of you have an excellent day filled with food, fun, & most importantly, family! Of course when we say family, we mean your furry family as well! I’m sure at some point today, your pet will be coming up to you with those big, heart breaking eyes & burn a hole through your plate because they are staring at it so intensely. Instead of giving them table scraps, which can cause G.I. upset, why not give them a healthy Thanksgiving dinner that was made especially for them. Merrick Grain Free Thanksgiving Day Dinner for ALL life stages!


Turkey, sweet potatoes, carrots, green beans and granny smith apples are the main ingredients in this yummy feast! You can actually see the green beans, carrots and chunks of de-boned turkey. Merrick makes sure there food is grain free, they locally source their ingredients, and there are no artificial colors, flavors or preservatives. It smells like a stew & if your pups are like mine, they will come running when the lid pops open!

Ok Mom, enough photos. Can we please eat now?!
Can’t talk now. Eating!

Chappie and Hope were so excited to get their mouths on this tasty meal. They cleaned their plates in record time & left no crumbs in sight! I usually worry about diarrhea when feeding wet food, as my dogs eat only dry, but here we are 48 hours later & I can proudly report there has been no diarrhea or even a slightly loose stool from either dog. When their plates were clean, they went looking for more. Thanks to Chewy.com, we have an entire case to go through!


Thanksgiving Day Dinner comes in two sizes; a 3.2 ounce can, 24 cans in a case. Or a 13.2 ounce can, 12 cans to a case. When you spend over $49 on Chewy.com you qualify for free shipping.

Again, we truly hope you and your family have a great Thanksgiving! We have so much to be thankful for in this life each and every day & you, our readers, are a big part of that! We would love to hear about your family traditions for the holidays! We are also thankful for Chewy, our opportunity we were given to be influencers for them & the fact that they supply such healthy, wonderful products for our pets to enjoy!

To read more about Merrick’s Thanksgiving Day Dinner visit Chewy.com by clicking HERE


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