Work, Kids & Blogging. Oh My!

The last few days in our house have been spent doing vehicle repairs, unclogging toilets, cooking/baking, you know, typical adult stuff. Halloween came and went and my kids are going to have a new cavity every day with all the candy they came home with after trick or treating. I thought I would share a day in our lives with my readers because, in all honesty, it is very challenging at times to do what I do. But I do it, because I love it. It is my passion. And I couldn’t see doing life any other way. I also wanted to share all that I am thankful for, since Thanksgiving is right around the corner.

If you have read the “Meet The Prospector Pups” column on out blog, you know by now that I am a part – time employee at Alta Mesa Animal Hospital. I also run this blog; doing reviews on pet related products/places & sharing my experiences/advice out on the trail with my family (four and two – legged). I dabble in photography, I am a girlfriend of 4 years to an amazing man named Ryan, and most importantly…I am a mom to 2 beautiful girls. My life is the epitome of an adventure on and off the trails. collages

It can be difficult to balance my life as a mom, girlfriend & employee with my wanderlust. Ryan works nights at a chemical plant that most of us are familiar with; Fujifilm. He has 4 nights a week that he is usually on-shift for 13 hours and the other 3 days a week he tries to switch his body around so he can be a part of the family but it is very difficult. We are a very self-dependent family so if I want to go out on a hike, or backpacking trip, it has to be on the days Ryan is off, however, I have to find a friend to go with if it falls on a school day because Ryan and I share our Nissan Xterra and Ryan will need a way to get Maddy to school. Most of the time, I try and take our girls with me and teach them all about the life outdoors.

Some weeks, I am too exhausted from running Maddy to and from school, working, being mom to my daughters (and our animals!), & doing my part as a girlfriend and future wife to Ryan (to keep our relationship going strong) that I simply want to keep my butt on the couch and do nothing.  A typical day consists of getting kids ready & off to school, getting myself to work, cooking, cleaning, taking care of our furkids, & tons of little things that are changing on a daily basis. Not every day is the same and usually my days off are a lot less hectic. However, life sometimes plays games with us and gives us car troubles to deal with or our computer crashes & I can not get to my blog at all, which was the case these last couple of weeks.


Occasionally, my entire family gets to come out and enjoy the outdoors with me and those are the moments truly enjoy. They may not have all the gear I have, or be able to go mile after mile with me, but they come out with me because they love me and know it makes me happy. I think they secretly enjoy it too but don’t tell them I know this!


At the end of the day, I am so thankful for this crazy adventure we call Life. I am thankful I have a hard working man that takes care of me and our girls & puts everyone before himself. I am so thankful for my job. If it weren’t for my job, I may not have Hope here with me today, & I wouldn’t have been able to finance some of my hiking/camping/backpacking trips. I am thankful for my kids & the fact that they are healthy, happy & enjoy being in the outdoors with their mom. I am thankful we live in a state that has 3-4 unbearably hot months per year and the rest are just absolutely beautiful with perfect hiking weather. I am thankful for my home that is just a short 15 minute drive from the beautiful Superstition Mountains.

Regardless of how the days get done, how busy they are or how tired I may be at the end of them… I have so many things to appreciate. When I get home at the end of a long day I have my dogs jumping up at me, my kids running to me with open arms & a man who takes care of it all so we can have an amazing life. It may not always be easy, but it is always worth it.

What are you thankful for in this upcoming holiday season?

The Family and I on our Summer Vacation 2016

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