Busy Buddy Treat Holding Bristle Bone

We get so excited every month when we see a particular blue and brown package show up on our doorstep. It’s from Chewy! As influencers for Chewy.com, we get the amazing opportunity to review one or two products sold on their website on a monthly basis. This month we chose two products and decided to check out this fun contraption that is a treat and toy all in one.


PetSafe has a line of toys called Busy Buddy and this toy falls into that line-up for multiple reasons.

  1. Nylon Bristles and Rubber Nubbies – These nifty things stimulate the gums and help to remove tartar and plaque.
  2. Nylon Ends – Similar to those Nylabone products you see out on the market, durable, but have some give to them so they do not fracture teeth.
  3. Rawhide Treats – These treats sit in between the bristles and nubbies (one on each side). While your dog is trying to get at the rawhide chews, they are rubbing their teeth and gums on the bristles and nubbies, helping to reduce plaque and tartar. Sweet!
Chappie can’t wait to get his mouth on that toy!

Assembly of this fun toy is extremely easy. Simply unscrew one of the ends on the Bristle Bone and remove the first purple nubbie ring and the bristle ring. Then, throw a rawhide ring on both sides of the bristle ring, put the nubbie ring back on, and screw the bone back together. Now you’re done and ready for fun!

Hope is wondering when she is going to get her turn!

The Busy Buddy Bristle Bone comes in several sizes to suit even the smallest of dogs. The Extra Small Bristle Bone is for dogs under 10 pounds and a recommended age of 6 months or older. There is also a Small and Medium sized bone for pets 10-50 pounds and a Large bone for dogs up to 90 pounds. We got to try out the medium sized bone and as you can see, it was a hit! To this day, I still see all 5 of my dogs taking turns carrying it around! Even without the treats on it! Speaking of treats, the Bristle Bone comes with 4 rawhide rings but additional rings can be purchased when needed.

Hope finally got her turn and she is loving it.

We would definitely recommend the Busy Buddy Bristle Bone (say that 5 times fast!) to any pup parent. Our dogs loved it and it provided them with entertainment, treats, AND dental care! Even more awesome, it helped Chappie stay quiet in his crate at night. One can not bark or whine when their mouth is busy gnawing on a fun chew toy.

“Chewy. Bristly. Nubbie. So. Awesome!”

You can check out and purchase the Busy Buddy Bristle Bone by clicking on the link HERE that will take you to Chewy.Com. There is even an informative video on the page that talks about the different kinds of Busy Buddy Bones and how to put them together. Yay for happy pups and healthy teeth!


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