MOD Doga Travel Mat

Hope and I are always on the look out for creative and new products for our furry friends. Today we stumbled upon this cute little travel mat made by a company called MOD (which stands for Modern Objects for Dogs). I have seen these products at Ross and T.J. Maxx stores across the valley. For the reader who wants modern products for their pets at a reasonable price, MOD is definitely a brand you will want to check out.


This nifty mat,  that is made out of durable PVC, provides an excellent grip on the floor or item that you are setting on the mat itself. We used it for dinner time tonight because Hope likes to push her bowl around sometimes while eating. This evening, the bowl did not move. The ceramic material that her bowl is made out of basically stuck to the MOD travel mat. Once dinner time was over, it was easy to roll the mat up and secure it with its velcro strap and store it away for later. We tried to do some Doga (doggy yoga) but were unsuccessful. Maybe next time!


The only thing I did not like about this mat was the size. This was the only size it came in, therefore my big behemoth of a mastiff, Bubba Gump, will not be able to use this mat.  However,  the small size does provide convenience when storing this product. It rolls right up and I could fit it in a kitchen drawer if I really needed to. It would definitely be easy to carry on a hike or backpacking trip if you wanted a small sleeping mat for your pet.

This was such a simple item to use, clean and store. And it looks cute when sitting out! I paid a whopping $3.99 for this mat and with its multi-use capabilities, that price just cant be beat! Whether using the Mod Travel Mat for Doga, dinnertime or down time, it sure does come in handy!



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