The Pet Friendly Hassayampa Inn

We all love to travel with our pets, right? Those of us that do know how difficult it is sometimes to find a pet friendly hotel. The Hassayampa Inn, located in Prescott, Arizona, is not only pet friendly (for our furry friends up to 45 pounds) but is a treasure trove of historic elegance. Read along as I talk about the history of this 89 year-old gem and why you should make the Hassayampa Inn your hotel of choice the next time you are in Prescott.


As a child, my family and I visited Prescott a lot. The one landmark that always stood out to me was the Hassayampa. It seemed to warmly welcome us into Downtown Prescott and at the same time it towered over it’s location at the Northwest corner of Gurley Street and Marina Street. It’s charming red brick structure was designed by El Paso architects, Trost and Trost and built by Ramey Brothers in the 1920’s. One of the original fixtures in the Hassayampa, the hand cranked elevator, still remains intact and very much in use at the hotel. The name, “Hassayampa” comes from a couple different sources, but the main meaning is “the river that looses itself” per the Hassayampa Inn’s website. It’s a perfect name as guests seem to go into the Hassayampa for rest and relaxation and come out the next morning feeling rejuvenated and refreshed. Ryan and I recently stayed there this week and I got the best nights sleep I have had in a long time!


There is also a little ghost story that goes with this hotel. The year the hotel opened, a young bride by the name of Faith Summers checked into the hotel with her new husband. They stayed in the balcony suite on the fourth floor, room 426. The same evening, her husband went out to get cigarettes and never returned. Victim of foul play or simply a man who got cold feet AFTER the wedding? You be the judge. Either way, Faith waited for her husband to return for three whole days and then hung herself from the balcony in despair. She is said to haunt the hotel to this day with her favorite haunting spot to be none other than the infamous Balcony Suite, room 426. She is not a malicious spirit by any means, but a kind, yet sad one who is still awaiting her husbands return over 80 years later. I myself have stayed in room 426 and did not experience any paranormal phenomena.

The Balcony (To The Left) Where Faith Summers Hung Herself In Despair

So what can you expect when staying at the Hassayampa Inn? Let me touch on a few key points:

  1. Pricing : Room prices vary. During the week, they can start out at $99 per night, and by the weekend they can creep up to starting at $199 per night for a standard room. Ryan and I won our overnight stay in a contest on the Hassayampa’s Facebook page. It was worth $239 and included the Jacuzzi Suite and the Romance Package. The Jacuzzi Suite alone starts out at $129 per night depending on the day of the week.
  2. Pet Policy: Pets 45 pounds and under are allowed at the Hassayampa for NO additional fees. I like to take credit for the Hassayampa switching to a pet friendly hotel because my pup, Gracie, was the dog of honor in my wedding here and after the great experience they had with her, they started allowing pets. Or at least that is what they told my mom. Pets are not allowed to be left unattended in the rooms, however. Luckily, Prescott is a very pet friendly town and there are many places with outdoor seating to eat at and most shops allow pets to come in and shop with you.
  3. Amenities: The Hassayampa has a small fitness room, laundry services, FREE parking, a business center, a bar, a coffee/espresso shop (open until 11am), and the Peacock Room has amazing food if you want to eat at the hotel. Room Service is an amazing service you can utilize from the Peacock Room as well for breakfast, lunch or dinner!
  4. Historic, yet Modern: Each of the 67 rooms have flat screen tv’s, complimentary Wi-Fi, pillow top beds, coffee makers, Bath and Body Works lotions/shampoos/conditioners/soaps, hair dryers, iron/ironing board, and complimentary waters. Microwaves and Refrigerators are available in suites and upon request for standard rooms. And if you were wondering, the windows DO open. These old rooms have air conditioning and heating, but no ceiling fans, so opening a window is a great way to keep the room from getting stuffy when the a.c. is off. We got fancy bath robes in our suite as well!
  5. Convenience: The Hassayampa Inn is conveniently located within walking distance of tons of shops, restaurants, and the historic Whiskey Row. Ryan and I parked our vehicle, checked in, and literally walked everywhere in the 2 days and 1 night that we were in Prescott. Check in starts at 4 p.m. and Check out is at 11 a.m.
  6. A visit from the resident ghost, Faith?: It’s very possible! Again, the 3 times that I have stayed at the Hassayampa, I have not seen any paranormal phenomena occur. However, several residents have stated they have seen Faith sitting on the end of their bed with flowers, weeping for her absent husband. One employee even had her coffee knocked out of her hand while discussing Faith’s legend by the historic room, 426. Don’t worry though, Faith is not a malicious spirit from what I have read. So you shouldn’t have to worry about anything flying across the room or someone trying to strangle you in the middle of the night!


In a nutshell, our most recent stay (and my previous stays) at the Hassayampa Inn have been nothing short of amazing. The only complaint I had this last stay was that we got locked out of our room when our key card reader decided to randomly die when we went out to get ice. The front desk worked quickly to get maintenance in to fix the problem, but despite Ryan’s attempts to tell the maintenance man it was just the dead batteries, he decided to try everything else in the book first  and we ended up being locked out of our room for over an hour. Only for the guy to bring up a box of batteries in the end and change them out in 5 minutes.  Could Faith’s spirit have drained the batteries? I have heard ghosts are good at that kind of thing!

The Jacuzzi Suite Was Amazing!

We would recommend this hotel to anyone traveling to Prescott, Arizona. And if you have a pet that is small to medium sized, they can come along as well! Its history and 1920’s charm are enough to entice you in…the restful nights sleep, awesome amenities, and kind/caring staff are what will keep you coming back.

Book your stay at the Hassayampa Inn HERE and start planning for your next vacation with a free history lesson included!



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