Molly Mutt Waterproof Duvet Review

It’s summer in Arizona and that means one thing…it’s HOT! Unless you are up before the sun, there is not much to do in the Valley of the Sun besides sit in your air conditioned home, surf social media and stay cool. Recently, I was looking through Instagram and saw our friends from Dusty Desert Dogs had purchased a really cool, camping themed, dog bed. Since Hope and I were having camping withdraws, I had to take a look. That is when we discovered Molly Mutt; an amazing company located in California that specializes in dog bed duvets as well as crate covers (but they also have cool collars and other accessories!). I decided Hope just had to have the 100,000 Fireflies bed. Not only was it perfect for those hot days in Arizona where you just can’t get outside and you need that outdoors feel, but we were in the midst of planning a camping trip and it would be perfect for Hope to use at camp! Here is what we found out :

  1. Pricing: Prices range from $19 for a Petite duvet to $55 for their “Huge” duvet size. Crate covers start at $45. We paid $25 for Hope’s 100,000 Fireflies Outdoor Duvet in a size Small. They also have Stuff Sacks for $10 that you put inside the duvet covers and stuff with your clothing, sheets, pillows etc so your pet has your scent right under their nose. I decided not to get the Stuff Sack and just use 2 standard pillows instead to stuff Hope’s bed. 4 paws up for pricing/affordability!
  2. Design: The camping themed design on the 100,000 Fireflies duvet is amazing. Tents, campfires, canoes and fireflies are just a few of the designs you will find on this bed and they instantly make you want to get out and get camping! Even if it is in your own backyard. 4 paws up on design!
  3. Durability: This bed held up to some serious weather while we were camping! We had not one but TWO torrential downpours of rain both days we were in Cottonwood. The first day, the bed was sitting by the entry to our tent where some water had leaked in. The waterproof feature of this outdoor duvet cover kept the pillows inside completely dry and once moved out of the water, the duvet itself dried within what seemed like only minutes. The second day, the bed got hit with water and dirt which led to mud and again, the pillows inside were unscathed! 4 paws up for durability!
  4. Cleaning: Not only are these beds Eco-Friendly, they are super easy to clean. They are made with a cotton/canvas material and since your own belongings are what stuffs the bed, those can easily be taken out and washed like you’re doing a load of laundry. For Hope’s bed, we were able to just shake the dirt off, run a couple baby wipes over it, and we were good to go. 4 paws up for being easy to clean!IMG_2260


The Verdict? Molly Mutt rocks! They have MANY designs to choose from, they are eco-friendly, affordable, and durable! Working at an animal hospital that offers boarding services, I am always telling clients to bring something from home with their scent on it as it helps the pet be more comfortable. With Molly Mutt’s Stuff Sack you can cram PLENTY of your items in your pets bed so they can be comforted by your scent at all times. Also, they offer free shipping in the United States which means you can save money for more supplies for your pet. I ordered my bed on a Monday and it was in my mail box by Wednesday. I would recommend this company to any pet owner!

You can visit Molly Mutt and start shopping HERE


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